JL Weissman

The Battle Between Microbes and Their Viruses


JL Weissman, PhD



PhD in Behavior, Ecology, Evolution, and Systematics (BEES)

Fall 2019, University of Maryland College Park, College Park, MD

Graduate Certificate in Computation and Mathematics for Biological Networks

Fall 2019, University of Maryland College Park, College Park, MD

B.A. in Mathematics and Biology

Spring 2015, Bard College, Annandale-on-Hudson, NY

Summer Schools



Weissman J.L., E.O. Alseth, S. Meaden, E.R. Westra, J.A. Fuhrman. 2020. Immune Lag Is a Major Cost of Prokaryotic Adaptive Immunity During Viral Outbreaks. bioRxiv

Ignacio-Espinoza C., S. Laperriere, Y.C. Yeh, J.L. Weissman, S. Hou, A. Long, J.A. Fuhrman. 2020. Ribosome-linked mRNA-rRNA chimeras reveal active novel virus-host associations. bioRxiv


Weissman J.L., S. Hou, J.A. Fuhrman. 2021. Estimating maximal microbial growth rates from cultures, metagenomes, and single cells via codon usage patterns. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences

Weissman J.L., S. Dogra, K. Javadi, S. Bolten, R. Flint, C. Davati, J. Beattie, K. Dixit, T. Peesay, S. Awan, P. Thielen, F. Breitwieser, P.L.F. Johnson, D. Karig, W.F. Fagan, S. Bewick. 2021. Exploring the functional composition of the human microbiome using a hand-curated microbial trait database. BMC Bioinformatics

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Weissman J.L., A. Stoltzfus, E.R. Westra, P.L.F. Johnson. 2020. Avoidance of Self During CRISPR Immunization. Trends in Microbiology 28(7), 543-553

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Weissman J.L., W.F. Fagan, P.L.F. Johnson. 2019. Linking high GC content to the repair of double strand breaks in prokaryotic genomes. PLOS Genetics 15(11), e1008493..

Weissman J.L., R. Laljani, W.F. Fagan, P.L.F. Johnson. 2019. Visualization and prediction of CRISPR incidence in microbial trait-space to identify drivers of antiviral immune strategy. The ISME Journal 13(10), 2589-2602.

Bewick S., E. Gurarie, J.L. Weissman, J. Beattie, C. Davati, R. Flint, P. Thielen, F. Breitwieser, D. Karig, W.F. Fagan. 2019. Trait-Based Analysis of the Human Skin Microbiome. Microbiome 7(1), 101.

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Outreach Publications

Weissman J. L., H.H. Yiu, P.L.F. Johnson. 2019. What Bacteria Do When They Get Sick. Frontiers Young Minds.

Fellowships and Awards

Invited Talks

  1. Center for Advanced Biotechnology and Medicine, Rutgers University, NJ, May 2021
  2. Department of Biology, San Diego State University, CA, May 2021
  3. Computation and Mathematics for Biological Networks, UMD, MD, December 2020
  4. Department of Marine and Environmental Biology, USC, CA, September 2020
  5. Environment and Sustainability Institute, University of Exeter, Penryn, UK, February 2019
  6. Clemson University, Clemson, SC, December 2018




Bioinformatics Virtual Coordination Network, Spring 2020 - Present

Guest Lecturer

University of Maryland College Park

Teaching Assistant


Workshop Organizer

Undergraduates Mentored

University of Southern California

University of Maryland College Park


DEI Committee & Subcommittee on Reporting

Department of Marine and Environmental Biology (MEB), USC. May 2021 - Present

Conference Organizing Committee

Holistic Bioinformatics Approaches Used in Microbiome Research, Bioinformatics Virtual Coordination Network, Summer 2020 - Summer 2021


Pride Month Programming for MEB, USC, June 2021


MEB Statistics Reading Group, USC, Spring 2020 - Present


Unlearning Racism in Geoscience (URGE), USC, Spring 2021

BEES Student Taskforce (BEESst)

University of Maryland College Park

Graduate Mentor

Biological Sciences Graduate Program, University of Maryland College Park, Fall 2016, 2017




MEB Postdoc Outreach Project, USC, Winter 2020 - Present

Tutor & Mentor

Joint Educational Project, USC, Spring 2020


Frontiers Young Minds Writing Group, USC, Winter-Spring 2020

Mentor & Panel Reviewer

Student Spaceflight Experiments Program (SSEP) 2016-2019

Maryland Day Organizer

Biological Sciences, UMD-CP, 2016-2018

Project Leader,

Bard Math Circle, Annandale-on-Hudson, NY, 2013-2015

Public Talk

GradTerps Exchange, University of Maryland, Spring 2019

Public Talk

Skype a Scientist, Summer 2020